Measuring For Your New Shutters

If you are simply replacing shutters that you already have, use the measurements off your old shutters.
If you are ordering shutters for a first-time application, below are some suggested guidelines to measure for your new shutters. Be sure to check for potential interference with other building elements.

1. If the shutters are to be used strictly as decorative elements, Height “H” can be measured as the entire window opening as with shutter R below, or it can be measured to the inside of the window frame as shown with shutter L below. Essentially, the “H” dimension can be chosen anywhere between Hmin and Hmax, whatever your preference.

2. For shutters that are meant to be functional as storm protection or for other reasons,both the Height “H” and width “W” dimensions should be chosen so that the shutters will both swing into a closed position covering the window entirely and with about a ¼ “ gap between them.